A Fugitive from the Camp of the Conquerors: The Revival of Equal Sovereignty Doctrine in Shelby County v. Holder

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Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity, Vol: 7, Issue: 1, Page: 27

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Kanwar, Vik
Race; discrimination; right to vote; voting rights act; Touro; Berkeley; Shelby County v. Holder; VRA; preclearance; Vik Kanwar; Kanwar; Equal Sovereignty; voter ID laws; Chief Justice Roberts; Shelby; Supreme Court; civil rights; disenfranchisement; Reconstruction; Coyle; Expressive Harms; Conditionality; Selectivity; Boerne; Equal Protection; Heightened Scrutiny; Katzenbach; federalism; Section 5; section 4; Fifteenth Amendment; equal footing; Civil Rights and Discrimination; Constitutional Law; Election Law; Law; Law and Race
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By Vik Kanwar, Published on 04/24/15