Genetic Studies of Induced Mutants in Melilotus alba. I. Short-Internode Dwarf, Curled Leaf, Multifoliolate Leaf, and Cotyledonary Branching

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Gengenbach, B. G.; Haskins, Francis A.; Gorz, H. J.
Plant Sciences
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Information obtained from the F1, F2, and F3 generations of crosses between the normal annual M. alba progenitor line and the four mutants, short-internode dwarf, curled leaf, multifoliolate leaf, and cotyledonary branching, indicates that each character is conditioned by a single pair of alleles. The multifoliolate leaf character is dominant over the normal phenotype; the other three mutant characters are recessive. The symbols dw, cl, Mf, and cb are proposed as designations for the respective mutant genes.