The Ursinus Weekly, November 24, 1958

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Glauser, Frederick L.; Swinton, John; McWilliams, Anne M.; Schmidt, Carol E.; Sherman, Bruce P.; Miller, Samuel C.
Ursinus College
Ursinus College; Collegeville; Pennsylvania; newspaper; YMCA; YWCA; Harold M. Kamsler; Carolyn Carpenter; cut policy; student government; Dick Mayes; Barry Francis; Alpha Psi Omega; Monique Polgar; Who's who; Senior Ball; rules and customs; Tau Sigma Gamma; Curtain Club; soccer; basketball; field hockey; football; sororities; Spanish Club; Chi Alpha; French Club; Winterthur Museum; Tour Program; Brownback-Anders pre-medical society; Cultural History; Higher Education; Liberal Studies; Social History; United States History
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Y holds seminar Nov. 19; Marriage problem is topic • Fireside chats to be held Dec. 3 at prof's home • C. Carpenter has poem published in anthology • Administrative regulation • Mayes, Francis '62 representatives to MSGA • New pledges announced by Alpha Psi Omega • De Gaulle and France topic at second Forum of Fall semester • Who's who honors 12 leading Ursinus seniors • Senior Ball to be held at Sunnybrook Dec. 5 • W.S.G.A. presents plaque to winning frosh team • Editorial: "Thanksgiving" • Letters to the editor • Review: "Joan of Lorraine" • Slightly allegorical • U.C. soccermen lose last three games; Finish 2-6-1 • Prospects for U.C. basketball team looking up • Varsity hockey finishes with 4-2-1; J.V. is 6-0-1 • Football squad drops two games 12-0, 34-6 • Sorority bids • American hist. students begin tour program • Fine art of dating