The Modern Defenses of the Coast of Maine, 1891 - 1945 (Vol.1)

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Eastman, Joel W.
Maine Historical Preservation Commission
Bunkers; Fortifications; Military Architecture; Coast Defenses; Harbor Defense; Military History; Coast Artillery; World War Two; WW2; Forts; Maine Coast; Sea Mines; Coastal Fortifications; Artillery; Defenses; Minefields; Anti-Aircraft Artillery; Anti-Submarine Nets; Marine Defense Areas; AAA; 海岸炮兵; Architectural History and Criticism; Defense and Security Studies; Historic Preservation and Conservation; Military and Veterans Studies; Military, War, and Peace; Other Architecture; Peace and Conflict Studies
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The Modern Defenses of the Coast of Maine, 1891 - 1945 (Vol.1)by Joel W. Eastman.Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements, I. History, II. Inventory of Sites and Structures, III. Evaluation of Specific Sites and Structures, IV. Appendices, The Author.Prepared for Maine Historical Preservation Commission, Augusta, MaineOctober 31, 1988