Melanagromyza schineri (Giraud) on Trembling Aspen in Ontario

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Department of Forestry, Forest Entomology and Pathology Branch, Bi-monthly Progress Report, Vol: 19, Issue: 5

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Lindquist, O.H.
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Insect pests of trees; Insect pests of trees Lepidoptera; Populus X`canadensis' P.Xeuramericana insect pests; Populus balsamifera P. tacamahaca; Populus deltoides incl P. monilifera insect pests; Populus grandidentata insect pests; Populus nigra insect pests; Populus tremuloides insect pests; Protection; forest; Frost injury; Frost injury to foliage; Frost injury to twigs; Populus tremuloides--injury by frost; Acer rubrum--physiology; Acer rubrum--wood growth rings; Betula lutea B. alleghaniensis physiology; Betula lutea B. alleghaniensis wood growth rings; Betula papyrifera physiology; Betula papyrifera wood growth rings; Growth patterns; Increment branchwood; Populus tremuloides--physiology; Populus tremuloides--wood growth rings; Prunus pennsylvanica; Insect pests of trees Diptera; Populus tremuloides--insect pests; Forest Sciences
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By O.H. Lindquist, Published on 01/01/63