The 3 Creeks Grazing Allotment: A Study of Livestock Grazing Management Across Public and Privately Owned Land

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Payne, Taylor M.
3 Creeks Grazing Allotment; Livestock Grazing Management; Public; Privately owned land; Environmental Sciences
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Livestock ranching is the most common use of public rangeland in the western United States (Gates, personal communication). The newly formed 3 Creeks Grazing Allotment which consists of 136,000 acres and has 29 permittees serves as an example of scientifically based public land management using grazing livestock as a management tool. It is believed that livestock grazing is the most underutilized tool in natural resource management (Hopkin, personal communication). The newly formed allotment will consolidate nine separate allotments into one management unit. This unit is holistically developed to sustain grazing livestock and rural economies while benefitting the range resources including wildlife that are found within its boundaries.