Genetic analysis of a recently discovered population of the least chub (Iotichthys phlegethontis)

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Western North American Naturalist, ISSN: 1527-0904, Vol: 67, Issue: 1, Page: 142-146

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Mock, Karen E.; Bjerregaard, Lee S.
Western North American Naturalist; Brigham Young University
Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Environmental Science; least chub; Iotichthys; genetic diversity; population structure; Life Sciences
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The least chub (Iotichthys phlegethontis) is a cyprinid minnow endemic to the Bonneville Basin of Utah. Although historically widely distributed in the Bonneville Basin (Sigler and Miller 1963, Page and Burr 1991, Muck 1999), naturally occurring populations of least chub are currently restricted to 6 populations in 4 general locations (Mona Springs, Mills Valley, Snake Valley, and Clear Lake; Fig. 1). These populations and their histories are discussed in Mock and Miller (2005).