Ekphrasis: Putting the art into language arts. Drawing on art and visual representation to teach writing

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Connel-Ross, Brenda Kay
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An investigation into the practice of and research pertaining to the use of visual imagery in the language arts classroom is pursued. An overview of the practice of ekphrasis, or writing that derives from art, is presented. Examination is made of how using artwork in the writing class aids in the conception of ideas and allows students to understand the process of discovery. Discourse is provided on guiding students in the art of observing, or reading, the image. Ekphrastic writing, because it utilizes critical thinking, allows for a more satisfying end product as it goes beyond teaching basic skills to writing as an art form. Further, ekphrastic writing is discussed in terms of how it benefits students holistically, providing a venue for self-discovery and self-expression as well as serving as a means to explore other cultures. Guidelines for using ekphrastic writing in the classroom and twelve lesson plans are provided^