The Journey Walked on Water: An Analysis of the Christ Narrative as an Archetypal Hero

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CONFERENCE: Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference

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Jacobs, Joshua M
Hero; Jesus; Journey; Justice
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Archetypal, rhetorical criticism follows the patterns and tropes that identify particular characters in these prevailing narratives and seeks to understand the significance rooted in the archetypes and even the narratives themselves. Yet, there is one particular narrative that has not been looked under such a lens, and this narrative is probably one of the most prevalent in western culture. The story of Jesus as told by the Christian Scriptures shares many of the characteristics of the archetypal hero, yet there is still something in this particular Messianic figure that has left such an impact he still remains a prevalent influence today. This paper will go into depth into the main tenants of hero rhetoric and archetype: the hero’s journey, one’s ability to manipulate the elements, their ties to the divine, and how they go about overcoming evil/darkness.