"No Pain Andrew Lane," A Creative Piece

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CONFERENCE: Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE)

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“No Pain Andrew Lane” is a traditional short story which blends the very technical world of medicine with human experience. Dr. Rita Marcus, a pediatric physician and the focal character, receives news that a long-time patient of hers, Drew Lane, has jumped off a second-story balcony. The boy is afflicted with a rare disease, Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA), meaning he is biologically incapable of feeling pain. Drew’s inability to feel pain allows him to commit daring acts and be fearless, a trait which Rita covets as she grapples with a failing marriage and an unattainable future. “No Pain Andrew Lane” is chiefly a story about pain and fear, and how the physical and emotional implications of these feelings can shape human lives.