UA12/2/1 College Heights Herald, Vol. VIII, No. 19

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WKU Student Affairs
Western Kentucky University; Athletics; Alumni; Class of 1932; Class of 1933; Class of 1934; Class of 1935; Advertising and Promotion Management; Creative Writing; Fiction; Higher Education Administration; Journalism Studies; Mass Communication; Poetry; Public Relations and Advertising; Social History; Sociology; Sports Studies; United States History; Women's History
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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include: Alumni News Athletics Class News Club News Graduates’ Directory is Conducted by W.J. Craig Editorials Library Notes – Kentucky Library Lines & Spaces Personals Society The Long & the Short of It by Pete & Repeat The Stumbling Block by Charlene Nunn Training School Notes This issue contains articles: Local Quartet Receive Ovation at Chapel Hour Concluding Issue of Year Published Date of Second Commencement Set for Aug. 25 Sherry Sisters Established Record City Health Nurse Lectures to First Aid Class on Hill Farm Students Vie for Judging Honors on Hill Rules Involved in New Library Grouping City Teachers Attend Recent Education Parley in Georgia Class to Make Excursion Over Kentucky Soon Famous Writer, Ends Stay Here - Silas Bent Map Revisions are Submitted by Geographer Mr. Sullivan Gibson to do Graduate Work in Massachusetts Western Tennis Players Enter City Tournament Art Dept. Enlarged During Past Year Prof. Wood Appraises Newly Discovered Cave Miss Louise Christie on Vacation To Visit Tennessee Resort First Aid Lectures Are Delivered Here Horseflies Harass Teacher - J.P. Cornette Mount, Harold. Kentucky Library Plans are Reviewed in Detail Life Saving Class is Conducted Here by Miss C. Roemer Rogers, Cecil. Student Responsibility Non-Conformity Former Student Has Outstanding Record of Work - C.C. Dawson Childers, Anna. Sunset on College Heights Letter from Alumni Secretary - W.J. Craig Son of President Receives Honors at Eastern Camp - Henry Cherry Robertson, Charley. Rain Robey, Howard. Non-Conformity Robertson, Charley. Afternoon on Saturday Circus Alphabet Steps Inside Wallis, Ray. Cedar Bluff College