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Western Kentucky University; Education; Educational Administration and Supervision; Higher Education Administration; Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Other Names - WasheteriaDate Built - 1961Closed - 1992Cost of Construction - $21,000Architects - Frank CainThe washeteria located on Dogwood Drive opened in 1961. It contained 20 washers and 8 dryers. It was mainly used by Western students. At the time, the launderette was thought to be the only coin-fed center in the country that was specifically for and operated by a college. After a while, the facility became so crowded that tables were set up for studying, vending machines were added, as well as a hair dryer. The College Heights Foundation financed the project. The launderette was dedicated on Jan. 8, 1962 and closed in 1992 as laundry facilities were included in residence halls.Park City Daily News:Stuart, Bonnie. "Western to open own Laundromat on Monday," Jan. 4, 1962Louisville Courier-Journal:Creason, Joe. "Out Damned Spot!" May 20, 1962