Effects of Maximum Cane Usage on Impulse and Force Exertion While Walking

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Murakami, Arden; Miller, Kristin
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The purpose of this study is to investigate the force exerted on one foot while walking with a cane versus walking without a cane. This can help determine whether walking with a cane is beneficial for decreasing impact force when injured and can help provide a better understanding of this specific cane walking technique. Researchers analyzed the gait of three male and three female participants, ages 20-23. The AMTI force platform system in the WOU Exercise Science lab was used to collect data at a sample at 1000 Hz. Data was analyzed using tables and graphs to compare the amount of force exerted on the left foot and cane while walking with a cane versus walking without it, and while exerting minimal force on the cane versus maximal force on the cane. Based on the results, cane use for minimum force alleviation does not appear to be beneficial. However, using a cane for more maximal force alleviation appears to produce less force on the foot than walking without a cane.