The SLICCVac Medical Vacuum Cleaner

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Garnet, Ariel Shaunna; Beall, Jackson Dain; Jhunjhunwala, Rohan
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mechanical Engineering
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Ambulance cleanliness is a large factor in the occurrence of HCAI’s in the United States. Thus, a suitable device, if equipped onboard ambulances, could allow EMS personnel to clean any contamination quickly and without having to finish the transport. The scope of this project was to design a suitable medical vacuum cleaner that effectively cleans a during-transport body fluid spill. Designs were analyzed via computer simulations, and results of these designs imply that such a vacuum cleaner would provide excellent cleaning power with very little effort from paramedics.. Furthermore, the designed cleaner would have a profound impact on the cleanliness of any ambulances which implement it, and this impact has worldwide implications about the future of EMS cleanliness.