The Big Sandy Site, Henry County, Tennessee

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Osborne, Douglas
Big Sandy Site; Anthropology; Biological and Physical Anthropology
thesis / dissertation description
When one considers that the dam at Gilbertsville, Kentucky, will back water to the Pickwick dam some 180 miles upstream, it becomes obvious that an adequate descriptive compilation of the archaeology of such an unusual area would be most difficult. Therefore it was decided to describe important sites of more or less discrete areas in separate publications and later to draw the whole together in one final synoptical work. This monograph is to be the first of the series of separate reports. It is offered, first as a thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in anthropology at the University of New Mexico, where the writer received his undergraduate training, and will later be published by the University of Tennessee.Its problem, then, and reasons for being, both center around the descriptive and chronologic and cultural placement of a site which excavations have shown to be typical and important.A short history of the events which led to the excavation of the Big Sandy site will serve both to outline its problem and clarify the reasons for the excavation and this report.