Educational Leadership and its Impact on Life in Schools: A Critical Interpretation

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McCord, Jessica Apgar
educational leadership; vision; purpose of schools; ontology; philosophy; methodology; epistemology
thesis / dissertation description
In this critical hermeneutical study, the historical and current literature in educational leadership was systematically investigated. The epistemological, methodological, and ideological issues in the theoretical history were analyzed to determine their impact on the development of educational leadership as a field of study. Two literature reviews were conducted to demonstrate how the field conceptualized its impact on life in schools. These literature reviews also allowed for a connection of the present state of the field to its historical foundation. The current ideologies driving the field of educational leadership were examined within the epistemological and methodological foci of the literature. It was found that the ideological history of the field, based in scientific management and efficiency, has manifested itself in the current accountability polices and impacted what counts as knowledge in the current research done in educational leadership.