Symbolic Texture in a Selection of the Short Fictions of D.H. Lawrence

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Stallman, Robert L.
English Language and Literature
thesis / dissertation description
Symbolic texture, a combination of two terms outlined above, uses images generally thought of as textural to form groups of symbols that support the main theme of a story and provide for its underlying unit. This element or quality is in the work; it is not the feeling or "radiance" arising from the reader's reception of the work.The stories I have chosen to illustrate symbolic texture and to trace its variations in Lawrence's work are: Odour of Chrysanthemums, Daughters of the Vicar, The Horse Dealer's Daughter, The Fox, The Virgin and the Gypsy. These works were chosen for three primary reasons: (1) all of them are successful in achieving aesthetic responses; (2) they represent approximately equidistant periods in Lawrence's writing career, and as such will show changes as well as continuing traits of presentation; (3) they all portray variations on the arousal of sudden feelings of connection between man and woman. For reasons obvious to readers of Lawrence, I hesitate to call this sudden connection love in the ordinary sense of the word, and yet these are all love stories as Lawrence conceived them.