Observed omnivory in the herbivorous Blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus)

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Oliveira, Stephen M., Jr.
Endangered species; Fishes food; Introduced organisms; Moapa (Nev.); Muddy River (Nev.); Nevada; Ponds; Tilapia; Animal Sciences; Aquaculture and Fisheries; Desert Ecology; Environmental Sciences; Natural Resources and Conservation
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Gila seminuda, a native endangered species, and Oreochromis aureus, a nonnative invasive species, share the same habitat in the form of the Reid Gardner Power Plant intake ponds. The purpose of this study is to characterize the feeding habits of Oreochromis aureus within the Reid Gardner Power Plant intake ponds and address the potential predation habits of Oreochromis aureus. Stomach contents of O. aureus were identified and analyzed using chi-square and log-likelihood ratio techniques, with respect to mass, length, girth, gender, or spatial distribution of samples. Results showed omnivorous behavior with a 7.00% predatory/prey relationship, and no difference of feeding habits in relation to any of the examined parameters.