The effect of various indicators on the time of set and PH of the silicic acid gels

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DiGesero, Antonia L
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This work is a continuation of the work started by M. J. Suter. The first part of the work consisted in repeating with extreme accuracy the work already done. Next, the work was continued under the careful guidance of Professor Hurd. The method of determining the PH values of setting gels by indicators has long been in use. It is very useful, but not as accurate as the electrometric method, as the measurements can be made in a short time. The purpose of the research was to find out whether the gels affect the various indicators. This was done by measuring the time of set and the PH of the gels. The following indicators were considered in the work: 1. Methyl orange 2. Phenolpthalein 3. Congo red 4. Alizarine 5. Para-nitro-phenol 6. Cresol green