Cutting or Maintaining the Cord? Assessing Levels of Parental Involvement in the Lives of Emerging Adults

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Hyde, Kelsey
emerging; adulthood; adults; life; new; Family, Life Course, and Society
thesis / dissertation description
This thesis analyzes the concept of "emerging" adulthood with a focus on the shifting role of parental support in the lives of young adults. In doing so, I reviewed the synthesis of this new phrase "emerging adulthood", now considered by many social scientists to encompass a completely new life course stage. I began with a macro-level analysis of the demographic shifts across multiple generations that differentiate this cohort from others. I then identified characteristics that define emerging adulthood, as well as the currently observed role of parents during this phase. Ultimately, I was interested in uncovering how different levels of parental involvement impact the life goals and objectives of emerging adults.