U.S. Tech Cities are at a Tipping Point

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Singh, Paul; Langellier, Mike
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"U.S. Tech Cities Are at a Tipping Point" The growth of tech in the United States has disrupted not only industries and business models, it's also disrupting cities, often times with very challenging consequences for millions of people who live in them. Join a discussion with Mike Langellier, CEO TechPoint--a tech ecosystem growth accelerator--and Paul Sing--serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor who traveled to 70 cities in the past year--to learn what is happening, where, why, and what can be done about it. Juxtaposition of the Techpoint work and the Results Junkie tour of 70 cities in the last year! Within smart cities: let's find the smart people! Paul will discuss 70 cities that proved or disproved expectations regarding ambition and ideas everywhere. Explore the disparity in capital versus level of skills. Concentrations in cities with skills needed to scale a company is not spread equally! What are TechPoints findings regarding the successful acceleration of growth of the talent ecosystem in Indianapolis.