Reliability of the Global Real-time Assessment Tool for Teaching Enhancement (G-RATE)

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Sambamurthy, Nikitha; London, Jeremi Shavonda; Hahn, Jeeyeon; Zhu, Jiabin; Cox, Monica F
2013; ASEE; G-RATE; Engineering Education
conference paper description
In response to the need for research-based assessment tools for effective teaching and to provide feedback to graduate teaching assistants about their instructional interactions in a classroom, the Global Real-time Assessment Tool for Teaching Enhancement (G-RATE) has been developed.The G-RATE has a flexible and easy-to-use interface that allows use in lecture and laboratory environments to collect data from a variety of stakeholders, including undergraduate students,instructors, researchers, and administrators.This paper presents a brief overview of the revised version of the Observer function of the G-RATE (Cox, Hahn, McNeill, Cekic, Zhu, & London, 2011) (Figure 1), which collects real-time classroom data framed within the context of Bransford, Brown, and Cocking’s (1999) “How People Learn” framework and reports information about the reliability of this function. Using both pen-and-paper and video vignettes of engineering classroom occurrences, researchers report the process for determining the interrater (inter-observer) reliability of this function and report possible changes to the G-RATE based upon reliability measures. Future work related to the Observer function is presented.