EDPS 265: The Inclusive Classroom

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Begeske, Jasmine
Information Literacy; Special Education and Teaching
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EDPS 265: The Inclusive Classroom is a foundational, large enrollment lecture course and is taught in a lecture hall with a stadium style seating arraignment. This configuration results in a course that is not student-centered, promotes one-way communication and hinders cooperative learning. Education courses should be structured so that the course in itself is instructive. This course teaches interventions for reaching all students, using techniques that engage students in the learning process. The structure of this course, the physical space and the format should model best practices in the classroom. I will implement and evaluate student-centered instructional strategies and technologies to reach the goals of increasing the level of student achievement, increasing cooperation among students and creating a more active learning environment. I will use Team Based Learning in the classroom to increase empathy for students with disabilities and in turn increase confidence in the P-12 classroom field experiences.