Indiana Traffic Signal Hi Resolution Data Logger Enumerations

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10.5703/1288284315018; 10.4231/k4rn35sh
Sturdevant, James R; Overman, Timothy; Raamot, Eric; Deer, Ray; Miller, Dave; Bullock, Darcy M; Day, Christopher M; Brennan, Thomas M, Jr.; Li, Howell; Hainen, Alex; Remias, Steve M. Show More Hide
Purdue University Press; Purdue University
hi resolution data logger; enumerations; traffic signal controllers; Civil Engineering
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This document defines the enumerations used to encode events that occur on a traffic signal controllers with high resolution data loggers. The time resolution is to the nearest 100 milliseconds.Background information on the development of high resolution controller data in Indiana can be found at: Smaglik E.J., A. Sharma, D.M. Bullock, J.R. Sturdevant, and G. Duncan, “Event-Based Data Collection for Generating Actuated Controller Performance Measures," Transportation Research Record, #2035, TRB, National Research Council, Washington, DC, pp.97-106, 2007. Recent applications of high resolution data to develop traffic signal performance measures in Indiana can be found at: Outcome-Oriented Performance Measures for Management of Signalized Arterial Capacity Track Clearance Performance Measures for Railroad-Preempted Intersections Reliability, Flexibility, and Environmental Impact of Alternative Objective Functions for Arterial Offset Optimization Visual Education Tools to Illustrate Coordinated System Operation -06