Politics and practice of action research

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Research methodologies in the 'South', Page: 178-192

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Kumari, Roshni; Mohammad, Razia Fakir; Vazir, Nilofar
Oxford University Press.
Education; research; educational research; research methodologies in the South; research discussion; action research; research methodologies; action research project; educational reforms; impact of study; power of education; educational reforms in South; ethnography; ethnographic field; research with women; field experiences from Pakistan; auto/biographical research in South; research experience; teacher development; Arts and Humanities; Educational Administration and Supervision; Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research; Educational Methods; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Higher Education Administration; Higher Education and Teaching; International and Comparative Education; Other Educational Administration and Supervision; Teacher Education and Professional Development; Women's Studies; Other Teacher Education and Professional Development; Educational Leadership
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By Anjum Halai, Published on 01/01/11