Nanoparticle decoration of carbon nanotubes by sputtering

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Carbon, ISSN: 0008-6223, Vol: 57, Page: 274-281

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Muratore, Christopher; Reed, Amber N.; Bultman, John E.; Ganguli, Sabyasachi; Cola, Baratunde A.; Voevodin, Andrey A.
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Chemistry; Chemical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Other Chemical Engineering; Other Materials Science and Engineering; Polymer and Organic Materials
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Vapor phase growth of gold, nickel and titanium metal nanoparticles on multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) buckypaper by sputtering was investigated. The size and distribution of nanoparticles was dependent on the intrinsic binding energy of the metal elements, but could be altered to mimic that of metals with different binding energies by in situ modification of the MWCNT surfaces by energetic metal ions or annealing of the buckypaper. A range of average gold particle diameters from approximately 5–30 nm could be produced depending on the intrinsic sputter process parameters (especially metal ion flux and kinetic energy) and defect density of the MWCNT surfaces, which could also be controlled by annealing prior to sputtering. The diameter of the MWCNTs had a significant influence on the geometry of the nanoparticles. Particles were elongated along the nanotube axis for tube diameters <30 nm. Remarkably strong alignment of the particles along the nanotube axis was observed, especially for MWCNTs with higher defect densities.