Monoclinic Optical Constants, Birefringence, and Dichroism of Slanted Titanium Nanocolumns Determined by Generalized Ellipsometry

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Applied Physics Letters, Vol: 94

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Schmidt, Daniel; Booso, Benjamin; Hofmann, Tino; Schubert, Eva; Sarangan, Andrew; Schubert, Mathias
American Institute of Physics; eCommons
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical and Electronics; Electromagnetics and Photonics; Optics
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Generalized spectroscopic ellipsometry determines the principal monoclinic optical constants of thin films consisting of slanted titanium nanocolumns deposited by glancing angle deposition under 85° incidence and tilted from the surface normal by 47°. Form birefringence measured for wavelengths from 500 to 1000 nm renders the Ti nanocolumns monoclinic absorbing crystals with c-axis along the nanocolumns, b-axis parallel to the film interface, and 67.5° monoclinic angle between the aand c-axes. The columnar thin film reveals anomalous optical dispersion, extreme birefringence, strong dichroism, and differs completely from bulk titanium. Characteristic bulk interband transitions are absent in the spectral range investigated.