Changing the Shape of the Landscape: Sexual Diversity Frameworks and the Promise of Queer Literacy Pedagogy in the Elementary Classroom

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Vol: 2017, Issue: 37

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Lin, Cammie Kim
queer pedagogy; homophobia; heterosexism; heteronormativity; gender identity; sexuality; children's literature; LGBTQ literature; elementary education; Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum and Social Inquiry; Educational Methods; Elementary Education; Gender and Sexuality; Language and Literacy Education; Teacher Education and Professional Development
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Analyzing LGBTQ-inclusive children’s literature and teaching practices in the elementary classroom, the author outlines a vision for a queer literacy pedagogy. The article begins with a description of four different sexual diversity frameworks: homophobia/heterosexism, tolerance/visibility, social justice, and queer. It includes an exploration of children’s literature and teaching practices that exemplify each framework, making explicit the connections between theory and practice. It then expands on the theories, principles, and practices composing queer literacy pedagogy. The article will be of particular interest to teacher educators and elementary classroom teachers, though the frameworks are equally applicable to all levels and settings.