Some Phycomycetes indigenous to soils of old growth forests

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Mycologia, ISSN: 1557-2536, Vol: 63, Issue: 2, Page: 283-289

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Hendrix, F. F., Jr.; Campbell, W. A.; Chien, C. Y.
Forest Sciences
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By the use of selective media and techniques which favor the isolation of Phycomycetes, 85 soil samples from four old growth forest sites in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee were assayed for species of Phytophthora and Pythium and representatives of the Mucorales. Two species of Phytophthora and 11 species of Pythium were isolated from one or more of the areas. Representatives of the Mucorales included the following genera: Absidia, Coemansia, Cunninghamella, Gongronella, Haplosporangium, Linderina, Mortierella, Mucor, Piptocephalis, Rhizopus, Syncephalastrum and Zygorhynchus.