Conceptualising the lack of health insurance coverage.

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Health care analysis : HCA : journal of health philosophy and policy, ISSN: 1065-3058, Vol: 8, Issue: 1, Page: 55-64

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Davis, John B.
Springer Nature; Springer; e-Publications@Marquette
Nursing; Social Sciences; Medicine; health insurance coverage; unemployment; public policy; measurement of uninsurance; Sen; functionings and capabilities; DALYs; Economics
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This paper examines the lack of health insurance coverage in the US as a public policy issue. It first compares the problem of health insurance coverage to the problem of unemployment to show that in terms of the numbers of individuals affected lack of health insurance is a problem comparable in importance to the problem of unemployment. Secondly, the paper discusses the methodology involved in measuring health insurance coverage, and argues that the current method of estimation of the uninsured underestimates the extent that individuals go without health insurance. Third, the paper briefly introduces Amartya Sen's functioning and capabilities framework to suggest a way of representing the extent to which individuals are uninsured. Fourth, the paper sketches a means of operationalizing the Sen representation of the uninsured in terms of the disability-adjusted life year (DALY) measure.