Comments on “The Principal Axes Decomposition of Spatial Stiffness Matrices”

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IEEE Transactions on Robotics

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Huang, Shuguang; Schimmels, Joseph M.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); e-Publications@Marquette
Center of stiffness/compliance; elastic behavior decomposition; force–deflection behavior; spatial stiffness matrix; Mechanical Engineering
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A significant amount of research has been directed toward developing a more intuitive appreciation of spatial elastic behavior. Results of these analyses have been described in terms of behavior decompositions and in terms of behavior centers. In a recent paper entitled “The Principal Axes Decomposition of Spatial Stiffness Matrices” by Chen et al. (IEEE Trans. Robot., vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 191-207), a decomposition of spatial stiffness was presented, and centers of stiffness and compliance were identified. The results presented in the paper have substantial overlap with previously published results and redefine previously used terms. The objective of this communication is to clarify the contributions of prior work and to standardize the terminology used in describing spatial elastic behavior.