Identification of Hispanic American Students and Students of Poverty for Gifted and Talented Programs

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Hageman, Katherine E.
Regis University, Dayton Memorial Library
Hispanic American students; low-income students; gifted children; Regis University MED thesis; College for Professional Studies; Master of Education; School of Education and Counseling; Education
thesis / dissertation description
For decades, experts have discussed an educational gap between Anglo Americans and Culturally Diverse Americans. While this gap is apparent in scores on standardized tests, it is also observed in the underrepresentation of culturally different students identified for gifted and talented programs. A PowerPoint presentation was developed to inform both novice and experienced educators of: (a) current means of identification of gifted and talented students, (b) demographics that indicate change is needed, and (c) changes that may reduce the underrepresentation of Hispanic American and impoverished students in gifted and talented programs. It is the belief of this researcher that, with information and training, educators can eliminate underrepresentation and better serve all students.