Aloha to Social Studies: an Integrated Curricular Unit

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DeJana, Olivia E.
Regis University, Dayton Memorial Library
comprehensive curriculum; social studies; teaching; critical thinking; Regis University MEd thesis; College for Professional Studies; Master of Education; School of Education and Counseling; Education
thesis / dissertation description
In recent years teachers have struggled to find the time to dedicate to teaching social studies concepts. However, social studies instruction is an integral part of a balanced educational program. In addition to imparting factual information, social studies curricula encourage critical thinking skills and help to prepare students to become responsible members of society. This research project was intended to provide educators with a model of how to integrate social studies with other academic areas to maximize instructional time and the amount of content covered. The unit was reviewed by master teachers to ensure that the project goals were attained. Limitations to the project and suggestions for further study were included in Chapter Five.