Mixed Agency: a Historical & Ethical Examination of the Health Professional's Role in the U.S. Military Medical System

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Hassebrock, Jeffrey Dalton
Regis University, Dayton Memorial Library
Regis College; BA; Regis College Senior Honors Program; Arts and Humanities
thesis / dissertation description
My thesis seeks to examine the dual roles a military care provider must fulfill through the historical development of the U.S. military medical system and the patient physician ethic. I begin by outlining the crucial ethical choices made in the development of the United States' system, and then move to the development of the patient physician ethic. The struggle between soldier/duty and healer/patient-physician ethic is at the core of both the policies that dominate modern military physician's as well as modern soldiering practice. Through critically examining these conflicting roles (this mixed agency), I try to dissolve the seemingly indestructible dichotomy, and find myself dancing around the timeless question .. . "What should military medicine look like?"