Scouting Ecommerce: Electronic Tracking For Girl Scouts

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Roetker, Melissa
Regis University, Dayton Memorial Library
ecommerce; financial data tracking; girl scouts; record management; Regis University MSCIS Thesis; College for Professional Studies; MS Software and Information Systems; School of Computer and Information Sciences; Computer Sciences; Physical Sciences and Mathematics
thesis / dissertation description
Girl Scout Troop #343 relies on parent volunteers to keep the troop functioning. The troop leaders would like to reduce time spent on paperwork, in order to allow volunteers to focus on time spent with the girls. Other than meetings, the most time consuming activity for volunteers is the manual tracking of paperwork. This includes financial paperwork, badge and activity status, personal data, and other such information. Troops are on their own to find a method for maintaining records, without local or national support. Currently, Troop #343 has moved the finances to an electronic format, which has left the badge tracking system as the most frequently updated system, which is still tracked manually. The current method consists of a packet of papers for each girl, listing all possible current activities and badges. This system has no efficient way of updating records, no option for report creation, and no backup. An electronic method for tracking badges will streamline leader responsibilities, provide a system that can be easily backed up and allow all troop members to access their personal badge status.