Dominican Republic 2010

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Barry, Kathleen
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This elective certainly deepened my understanding of the history of HIV, the treatment of HIV, special considerations in various populations, as well as the different methods of figuring out treatment failure. I also was able to contrast how HIV care is delivered in the Dominican Republic with experiences I have had in the United States and Zambia. I gained an appreciation for the role of public health campaigns in HIV prevention, something that I think Zambia did very well, as well as the benefits of committed practitioners providing care over a long period of time, something else that Zambia did well. On the other hand, I gained an appreciation for the role that money and resources play in treating HIV. As a future primary care provider, I feel like I gained an understanding of which drugs are appropriate to prescribe at what time. I also feel much more comfortable diagnosing and dealing with treatment failure. Learning about signs of treatment failure and the Stanford HIV database, which can track mutations and predict drug resistance, was incredibly helpful.