Implementing tiny goals after current habits to create consistent healthy lifestyle routine

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Lieber, Megan
Public Health Education and Promotion
project description
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of providing educational information as well as skills training on the ability of the participants in the Wellness Wednesday program to incorporate new health behaviors with already existing habits, creating a healthier life. The participants for this study are residents living at Edgewood, Belcher, and Towers I that attended the Wellness Wednesday programs. The locations are all part of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Association. Wellness Wednesday is an ongoing program begun in 2011 where interprofessional students from the College of Health Professions collaborate in creating health education programming based on a monthly theme. On day one residents completed worksheets requesting that they pair a desired new behavior with a current daily habit. Upon the last day the residents completed a self-report worksheet that allowed them to respond freely to questions about their perceived success with incorporating the new habit and participation in the Wellness Wednesday program. The results of the data collected demonstrated that it is possible to form lasting habits from adding in tiny habits after a trigger activity and supporting that Wellness Wednesday was a positive health program.