A Modest Proposal To End Gun Running In America

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Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol: 19, Issue: 3, Page: 795

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Travis, Jeremy; Smarrito, William
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gun running; gun control; federal gun regulations; interstate commerce; firearms; firearm database; firearm transaction; firearms black-market; firearms regulation; Law; Law Enforcement and Corrections
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Gun violence is a serious issue in our society. However, finding common ground between those who favor, and those who oppose, gun control can be a difficult task. Mayor David Dinkins and the Police Department propose a four prong solution that would pave a middle ground acceptable to most individuals. (1) put teeth into the existing federal regulations concerning those proscribed from purchasing a gun, (2) limit interstate shipment of firearms only to those federal firearms dealers who show that they have complied with any existing local firearms dealer requirements; (3) provide tracing capabilities for interstate shipments of weapons; and (4) create an accessible database of all firearms transactions.