Expanding New York's DNA Database: The Future of Law Enforcement

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Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol: 26, Issue: 5, Page: 1635

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Schumacher II, Robert W.
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Fourth Amendment; law enforcement; DNA; database; search and seizure; Law; Science and Technology Law
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This Article discusses a proposal by New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir to expand New York's DNA Database. The proposal would allow the police to obtain DNA from anyone arrested for a recordable offense. The Article describes how DNA is used by law enforcement from the molecular level to DNA databases. The Article then describes Safir's proposal, including the controversy surrounding Fourth Amendment privacy concerns and fears of potential misuse of the DNA information by law enforcement. Despite these concerns, in light of New York's recidivism rates, crime trends, administrative costs, and investigative efficiency, the Article argues that Safir's plan is effective law enforcement tool that does not overly intrude on Fourth Amendment rights.