The Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court

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Fordham International Law Journal, Vol: 25, Issue: 3, Page: 563

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Oosterveld, Valerie
Criminal Procedure; International Law; Litigation
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As it becomes increasingly clear that the International Criminal Court will be set up in the near future, it is important to reflect on the work of the Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court. When the Rome Statute was being negotiated, it became very clear that additional documents would be necessary in order to create a fully functioning ICC. At the time, eight such documents were identified and included in Resolution F of the Final Act of the Rome Diplomatic conference. As work on these documents nears completion, States have begun to consider the practicalities of setting up the Court and the need for additional documents. A “Road Map” has been created, outlining documents that will be required to ensure that the Court is effective from an early stage. The work of the Preparatory Commission and the steps taken are absolutely critical for the smooth transition to actual operation of the Court.