Attachment Avoidance and Amends-Making: A Case Advocating the Need for Attempting to Replicate One’s Own Work

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Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

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Stanton, Sarah C.E.; Campbell, Lorne
attachment; relationship satisfaction; self-regulation; ego depletion; amends; replication; Psychology
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Attachment avoidance is typically associated with negative behaviors in romantic relationships;however, recent research has begun to uncover circumstances (e.g., being in high-quality relationships) that promote pro-relationship behaviors for more avoidantly attached individuals. One possible explanation for why more avoidant individuals behave negatively sometimes but positively at other times is that their impulses regarding relationship events vary depending on relationship context (e.g., relationship satisfaction level). An initial unregistered study found support for this hypothesis in an amends-making context. We then conducted three confirmatory high-powered preregistered replication attempts that failed to replicate our initial findings. In our discussion of these four studies we highlight the importance of attempting to replicate one’s own work and sharing the results regardless of the outcome.