Opportunity to breathe

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Rangel, Christopher Courtneycruz
University of Iowa
publicabstract; Theatre and Performance Studies
thesis / dissertation description
Communication, involves the skill and craftsmanship of an aspiring artist to investigate the possibilities within. Interaction and communion with the world is amplified by practice of breathing in, during multiple circumstances. Acting is reacting to the world and the multiple microcosms in it. But why is this important, why is this necessary, why is there a need to act, to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances? This University is a place that has given me the opportunity to investigate these curiosities. Not everyone has the opportunity to commit to the investigation of what it means to breathe in the atmosphere in a specific context and to respond with impulse in forms of both sound and movement. This process is investigating what it means to find truth in oneself in response to the space, time, and people. The investigating is of what it means to be, rather than to manipulate a world that caters to the ego, in truth the ego must dissipate. I came here with ideas and determinations, but all of this anticipatory preparation is what I had to let go of in pursuance of truth and the development of a craft. I used to believe my time here was an end point that would lead me to a goal. It is not; it is an introduction to the rest of my life. I am a student now and forever. I encourage the reader to take one thing, consider what it means to be a life long learner.