Jefferson Alumni Bulletin – Volume 52, Number 3, June 2003

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Jefferson Alumni Bulletin; June 2003; Thomas Jefferson University; History of Science, Technology, and Medicine; Medicine and Health Sciences
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Jefferson Alumni Bulletin – Volume 52, Number 3, June 2003 Dean's Column by Dean Thomas J. Nasca ’75, page 4 Update on Transplant Surgery, page 5 The New Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience and Farber Institute for Neurosciences, page 6 Researchers Show That Human Neural Stem Cells Can Become Dopamine-Making Brain Cells in the Lab, page 8 Evidence of Greater Sensitivity to Addictive Drugs in Adolescence, page 8 New Hope for Patients with Late Stage Parkinson's, page 10 Above and Beyond the Call: Three Alumni Heroes, page 11 The Mother in The Gross Clinic: A Medical Explanation of Her Hand, page 14 More Information on Gibbon's Heart-Lung Machine, page 14 Committed to Community: Paul Manganiello '73, page 16 Sarah Long '70 Chairs the American Board of Pediatrics, page 21 Richard Insel '69, Executive VP of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, page 23 Volunteering Worldwide: Carol Boerner '76, page 24 Bruce Gewertz '72, Chair of Surgery at Chicago, page 27 Class Notes attached as supplementary file along with Profiles of Alumni.