New CREATE Day Presentations in the JDC

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Kipnis, MSI, Daniel G.
New CREATE Day Presentations in the JDC; Jefferson Digital Commons; Thomas Jefferson University; Medicine and Health Sciences
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Collaborative Research and Evidence Among Therapists and Educators (CREATE) Day is a clinical education program presented by occupational therapy graduate students in partial fulfillment of the Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University. The latest CREATE DAY presentations have been loaded in the Jefferson Digital Commons and this round includes the following topics: Stand Tall, Don’t Fall: A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Tai Chi for Improving Balance in Healthy Older Adults Reframe the Pain: A Systematic Review of Occupational Therapy Interventions to Promote Quality of Life for Adults with Fibromyalgia Keeping Up with the Preemies: Early Interventions in Occupational Therapy for Children Born Premature Ergonomic Intervention for Injury Prevention in Healthcare Personnel: A Systematic Review