Biblical Foundations for Nutrition and an Abundant Life

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Snyder, M.A., Elizabeth
dietary principles; supplements; health; benefits of a christian worldview; quality of life
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The purpose of this paper is to look at what the Bible says about the significance of nutrition, its effect on health, and the benefits of a Christian-worldview on nutritional wellbeing. With the help of the Holy Spirit, nutrition teachers need to connect the science with the Biblical foundation God has given us in His word. While it is crucial to remember that salvation is through Christ alone, it is wise to recognize the connection between diet and frontal lobe function, where analytical, moral decisions are made. Studying and understanding what the Bible says about the original diet, clean vs. unclean meat, not consuming blood or animal fat, Daniel’s diet, the use of wine, the concept of moderation, and the enjoyment of food all help formulate practical dietary guidelines. These recommendations are valuable; however, knowing God’s constant, unconditional love is the key to real happiness. Comprehending this foremost Biblical principle builds self-esteem, camaraderie, self-control, and contentment, and also helps deal with failure—all of which help avoid and/or manage eating disorders and other health problems. God’s love, as shown in the Bible, provides the foundation for living a holy, healthy and happy life, helping others find it too.