Breeding Value Prediction for Production Traits in Layers Using High-density SNP Markers

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Animal Industry Report, Vol: 657, Issue: 1

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Wolc, Anna; Stricker, Christine; Arango, Jesus; Settar, Petek; Fulton, Janet E.; O'Sullivan, Neil P.; Preisinger, Rudolf; Habier, David; Fernando, Rohan L.; Garrick, Dorian J.; Lamont, Susan J.; Dekkers, Jack C.M. Show More Hide
Iowa State University
ASL R2619; Agriculture; Animal Sciences
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Accuracy of breeding values estimated by different methods using pedigree and high-density SNP genotypes in predicting the next generation in a commercial layer breeding line was evaluated. Early and late selection was considered. Use of markers increased accuracies up to two-fold for early selection and by up to 88% for late selection.