An upper limit for the methane-oxygen initation reaction in the presence of iodine-131 behind reflected shock waves

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Pardini, Steven Peter
Iowa State University; Digital Repository @ Iowa State University,
Chemistry; Physical chemistry
thesis / dissertation description
A one-inch diameter single-pulse shock tube was used to study the rate of methyl iodide formation from 815 to 1151K via the reaction CH(,4) + I (--->) CH(,3) + HI with the observed rate constant k(,40) = 10('14.5) exp(-33.7/RT) cm('3)/mole sec. Tracer quantities of iodine-131 were used to follow the course of the reaction;At 1097K in a stoichiometric methane-oxygen reaction mixture with small amounts of iodine present, the methane-oxygen initiation reaction, CH(,4) + O(,2) (--->) CH(,3) + HO(,2), was not found to occur, thus putting an upper limit on the rate constant k(,2) = 9.53 x 10('5) cm('3)/mole sec;Mass-spectral analysis of the reaction products from the aboveexperiment indicated that formaldehyde was formed; at 1097Koxygen was able to successfully compete with iodine for methylradicals. The rate constant for the reaction, CH(,3) + O(,2) (--->) CH(,2)O +;OH, was found to be k(,4) = 3.96 x 10('10) cm('3)/mole sec;('1)DOE Report IS-T-984. This work was performed under ContractNo. W-7405-Eng-82 with the U.S. Department of Energy.