First Year Results of a Swedish Deep-bedded Feeder Pig Production System in Iowa

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Honeyman, Mark S.; Kent, Dennis
ASL R1497
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The results of 1 year of operation and four farrowing groups are summarized. Breeding and gestation occurred in a hoop building with corn stalk bedding. Conception rates and litter size was excellent. Farrowing occurred in a remodeled building. Pre-wean pig mortality was high (18–24%). At 2 weeks of age the cubicles were removed and group lactation occurred. Group lactation worked well. Sows selected their bedded farrowing cubicles. At weaning (30 days) sows were removed and the pigs remained in the farrowing/lactation room for 30 days. Pig growth in the deep-bedded nursery was excellent with 60–lb pigs at 60 days of age and 1.25 lb/day average daily gain during the nursery phase.