Millennials connection to social media

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Dale, Davis J
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Abstract on Millennials connection to social mediaMillennials are given a bad name by other generations because they see them as lazy, unmotivated, distracted, and entitled. With that there are so many factors into why Millennials come off this way, but the one piece I want to look at is how and why Millennials use social media. Ask any millennial about their life on social media and how many accounts they have on different platforms. You will find out that many of them use different social medias for different interest in their lives. The question I believe a lot of people ask Millennials is why do we like to interact with other people social media but then when Millennials are presented the chance to go interact with people outside of social media they don’t know how to act, it becomes this awkward situations. When there is a group of Millennials “hanging out” most of them will be on some kind of social media. With this project I intend to close that gap of social disconnection while sheading light on why we Millennials are so attached to our devices.Keywords: Millennials, Social media, disconnection