National Identity and the British Empire : the Image of Saint Paul’s Cathedral

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Pierce, Rebecca
National Identity; Europe; Landscape; Saint Paul’s; Architectural History and Criticism; Architecture; Geography; Physical and Environmental Geography; Social and Behavioral Sciences; St. Paul's Cathedral (London, England); Nationalism - Great Britain
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This paper considers the historical geography of place and identity construction through the case of English Nationalism and the British Empire as encapsulated in London’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The research explores several themes: 1) the British Empire’s use of Saint Paul’s Cathedral as a representation, both physically and symbolically, of the ideals and power of the empire; 2) the British Empire’s employment of the Cathedral as the emotional and ideological center of national identity and imperialism in the English population; and 3) the British Empire's manipulation of the image of Saint Paul’s Cathedralas a national and religious landmark. Data analysis includes the examination of literary and visual depictions of the historical landscape from 1675 to the present. In sum, this research seeks to demonstrate the use of Saint Paul’s Cathedral as a representation of the British Empire and its subsequent employment to spread sentiments of imperialism and national identity to the English population.